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Benefits of Purchasing a Mandrel Bending Machine

A mandrel bending machine is a great investment that can provide your business with numerous advantages. Also known as mandrel tube and pipe benders, this multifaceted machine allows users to create a large number of complex bends including those with a tight radius.

Users can also expect that bends will not have any wrinkles or other deformations that could compromise the tube or pipe. Below is a detailed explanation of how a mandrel bending machine works and some of the benefits users can expect.

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How a Mandrel Bending Machine Works

In a mandrel bending machine, a support piece, like a steel rod, is inserted into the tube. This insertion allows for the tube to be supported during the bending process.

Supporting the tubing in this way reduces the chance of deformations from forming or wrinkles appearing. There are a number of different mandrels that may be used to support the pipe while bending. Some of these include: 

  • Plug Mandrel: Usually a solid rod that is used in regular bending operations.
  • Unlinked Ball Mandrel: Consists of a set of steel ball bearings inserted into the tube. Each ball is independent of the other and is used for extreme precision bends. 
  • Form Mandrel: Similar to a plug mandrel however the solid rod that is inserted has a curved end and is used for additional support of the pipe. 
  • Ball Mandrel with Cable: This mandrel consists of a cable connecting a set of steel ball bearings. 

Most tube and pipe bending machine manufacturers agree that plug mandrels are effective in most cases. However, for precision bends ball mandrels are recommended. 

The Benefits of Mandrel Pipe Benders

The major advantage of purchasing a mandrel bender for sale is gaining the ability to consistently make tight bends without the pipe becoming damaged, wrinkled, or deformed in the process. This ensures the quality of every bend and allows for much faster pipe bending.

Mandrel bending is also highly effective for pipes and tubing used in a variety of applications. Some of these include hydraulics, hand railings, medical products, playground equipment, and much more. 

The mandrel bending machine can also end up paying for itself. Many businesses are forced to contract their pipe bending services to machine shops with their own pipe bending equipment.

This can end up costing a company far more than if they were able to perform precision pipe bending in-house. By owning a CNC mandrel tube bender, a business can be contracted to perform pipe bending services for other companies. 

Mandrel bending is necessary in order to perform high precision bends that are part of everyday life. With faster, quality bends your company can save money and ensure bends of the highest standard are produced.

A professional pipe bending manufacturer like Hines Bending Systems can help you choose a pipe bending machine that will save you money and produce quality results. 

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Mandrel Bending Machine

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