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5 Keys To Finding An Exhaust Bending Machine For Sale

There are many options available when looking for an exhaust bending machine for sale, which can make choosing the best one a challenge. Among the differences include the types as well as functions listed and cost differences, making the selection even harder. Fortunately, by asking certain questions the selection can be made much easier.

What Are The Most Important Features for Exhaust Bending?

Understanding the different features necessary will assist in finding the right exhaust bending machine for sale. An example of this is larger shops that require consistently high-quality bends. These shops can benefit from specific clamp die and pressure die when looking for the best exhaust pipe or tube benders for their production needs. Smaller shops who do not require consistent high-quality bends can sometimes benefit from cheaper exhaust bending machines.

Clamp die and pressure die are able to deliver necessary support when pressure is applied to the pipe, which makes the quality of these exhaust bending machines much higher and worth considering. A higher-quality exhaust bending machine for sale will also have fewer issues with wrinkling, buckling, and wall thinning. Below is a further description of what the pressure and clamp dies are.

What Are Pressure And Clamp Dies on Bending Machines?

In order to prevent the tubing from moving or slipping during the bending process, a clamp and pressure die is used. Extreme amounts of pressure are used during the pipe bending process which can cause the tubing to become unstable. This makes the clamp and pressure die an important consideration when choosing the right exhaust bending machine, especially for bends with a tight radius and thin wall tube bending.

Do I Need a Mandrel Bending Machine?

A mandrel is a component that holds the tubing material securely in place during the bending process. A mandrel bending machine can deliver consistent high-quality results by ensuring the exhaust pipe maintains its ovality. Mandrel benders come in different power capabilities depending on the material size requirements. Automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and power capabilities are also important factors to consider when choosing a high-quality exhaust bending machine. Other factors worth considering are extraction features and lubrication, both of which enhance overall quality and production capabilities.

How Important Is Wiper Capability?

It is important to eliminate wrinkles during the bending process when exhaust pipes must be wrinkle-free and smooth. For this reason, searching for an exhaust bending machine for sale with wiper capability is necessary to ensure consistent high-quality bends. A wiper die will produce cleaner results by smoothing over any wrinkles that may be present.

Get Help With Choosing The Right Exhaust Bending Machine

Trusted since 1975, Hines Bending Systems has been one of the premier tube and pipe bending machine manufacturers in the industry. We manufacture the highest quality tube and pipe bending machines and offer both new and used pipe and tube bending machines for sale. Contact us today to speak with an experienced representative that can help you choose the right exhaust bending machine for sale for your shop.

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Exhaust Bending Machine For Sale

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