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Exhaust Bending Machine

An exhaust bending machine has many applications over a diverse number of industries, such as bending truck or auto exhaust pipes, aluminum tube bending, and copper tube bending. The benefits of using mandrel benders are prominently found in improving support during the tube or exhaust pipe bending process.

Hines Bending Systems is the industry-leading manufacturer of tube and pipe benders, including various options for an exhaust bending machine. All of our bending equipment for sale is fully customizable and promotes better part management while lowering production costs.

Benefits Of Mandrel Tube Benders

A mandrel bending machine for exhaust pipes is a widely popular bending solution due to its various benefits. The advantages of mandrel bending revolve mostly around adding support to the pipe while bending.

The mandrel pipe bending process begins by pulling the tube over a stationary mandrel. The mandrel itself remains in a fixed position with the tip of the mandrel supporting the inner radius of the bend.

This permits the pipe to remain firmly positioned into the bend die groove as force is added for bending. The improved support of the inner radius of the pipe itself ensures the bend is never pressed, eliminating common production complications.

The main reason to use a mandrel tube bending machine for exhaust pipes is that it eliminates problems like flattening and pressing. It also presents the opportunity for bending tubes or pipes without the need for wrinkling or kinks.

Finding The Right Mandrel Tube Bender

The variety of benders can make it difficult to know which exhaust bending machine is best for you. Though some mandrel tube benders are ideal for bending exhaust pipes or thin wall tubing, others are more suited for larger applications, such as heavy wall pipe bending.

Fortunately, Hines Bending Systems has a variety of mandrel benders for sale that you can choose from. View any of the links below to learn more about our mandrel benders.

Our goal is to help any client find the perfect bending solution suited to handle and improve their production output. Whether you are interested in an exhaust bending machine for truck and auto parts or need something with a higher capacity, our team is here to help.

Contact Hines Bending Solutions to request a quote or to ask us any questions you have regarding our bending equipment. If you would like to speak to one of our bending specialists directly, call us at 239-433-2132 for support.

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Exhaust Bending Machine

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