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Tube Bender For Sale

If you are interested in investing in your own pipe or tube bender for sale, you probably have a few practical questions. For instance, do you know what separates NC pipe and tube benders from CNC bending machines? Or whether you would be better off buying a manual or automatic pipe or tube bender for sale?

These are reasonable questions that should be satisfactorily answered before making your investment into one of these valuable machines. Fortunately, pipe and tube bending machine manufacturers like ourselves are here to help customers get the most for their money. Here are some common questions and answers that will be helpful in your endeavors.

What is an NC Tube Bending Machine?

An NC tube bending machine is another name for a semi-automatic pipe or tube bender. NC stands for numerical controlled. Basically, after placing the tubing inside the bending machine, the user will enter a degree of bend for each bend on the part. In addition, some NC bending machines come with advanced software that allows users to input multiple bend angles per part.

What is a CNC Bending Machine?

A CNC pipe or tube bending machine is also known as a 3-axis bending machine. CNC stands for computer numerical control. On CNC benders, there is a computerized model that comes equipped with many useful features. These might include everything from visual graphics simulation and remote data input to more support-related features.

Do I Need a Manual or Automatic Tube Bender For Sale?

The differences between manual benders versus semi-automatic and automatic bending machines revolve around cost, operating controls, and quality. Manual benders, though more affordable, are also more limited in the functionality and produce lower-quality bends.

Semi-automatic or NC bending machines provide users more functionality and are altogether more reliable for producing high-quality bends on parts that only require single bends. NC benders are also highly cost-effective.

CNC bending machines require the least amount of operator control and produce consistently high-quality bends for parts that require multiple bends. A CNC tube bender for sale will require the highest investment cost but will speed up production time and bend precision greatly.

Where Should I Buy a Pipe or Tube Bender For Sale?

The best source to buy a new or used tube bender for sale will be directly from bending machine manufacturers like ourselves. Hines Bending Systems has a diverse variety of pipe and tube benders for sale that is suitable for all bending and production requirements. We take pride in finding the perfect solution to make the most out of our clients’ investments. If you’d like to discuss finding the best bending machine for your own needs, contact our team for help today.

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Tube Bender For Sale

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