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CNC Benders Manufactured by Hines Bending

Tube Bender 1000CNC in use
CNC benders are the industry’s first choice of bending machines to manufacture production parts requiring tight radius, thin-wall bends. Hines CNC benders – 3-axis- are computer numerically controllable (CNC) and Servo-driven for distance between bends (DBB), plane of bend (POB) and degree of Bend (DOB).

The machine’s memory stores jobs to retrieve and run again when you need them with an easy touch screen control. With a CNC bender, there is no intervention by an operator as the computer controls the rotation of tube and the distance between bends. In production environments, a CNC bender saves time and money.

Hines Bending sells two bending machine controls – our own and the BendPro G2 Control.

  1. The Hines Control. Is a basic control that is PLC-based. The Hines Control is perfectly fine for the vast majority of all bending applications, however, it is limited in what it can do, and importantly, any programming changes must be manually uploaded to it.
  2. The BendPro G2 Control. Is a very advanced control that is PC-based. It easily interfaces with most engineering software, either directly or through an API allowing machine programming changes to be made from an engineer’s desktop rather than the plant floor.

Tube Bender NASA multiple bends on a Hines 100 CNC-B Bending Machine Initial100 CNC Bender
Capacity: 1.375″ OD x .120 Wall
Tube Bender High Volume Part Production on a Hines 100 CNC-B Bending Machine150 CNC Bender
Capacity: 1.5” OD x .125 Wall
Tube Bender Using a Hines 200 CNC-B200 CNC Bender
Capacity: 2.5″ OD x .200 Wall
Pipe Bending Machine 300 CNC-B300 CNC Bender
Capacity: 4.25″ OD x .200 Wall
Industrias Metalicas Miller 600 NC Hines Bending large OD pipe bending600 CNC Bender
Capacity: 5.5″ OD x .300 Wall
Tube Bender JCI using 800 CNC Hines Bending Machine800 CNC Bender
Capacity: 6.625″ OD x .550 Wall
Tube Bender 1000 CNC-B1000 CNC Bender
Capacity: 8.0” OD x .SCHED 80 x 5D
200 CNC BendProBendPro G2 Control
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