Exhaust Pipe Bender
Exhaust Pipe Bender

Exhaust Pipe Bender

Exhaust Pipe Benders

Are you ready to purchase an exhaust pipe bender?  As you can see, exhaust benders run from cheap to higher quality.  Also, your machine features can be a challenge when you research exhaust benders.  For these reasons questions may come up during your purchase process.  Do you buy a cheap pipe bender? Or do you buy a higher quality bender?

The exhaust industry is a highly competitive aftermarket and full of custom products. Beyond home use or a small shop, you will meet customer’s bend quality when you get a quality exhaust  bender.  Furthermore, your quality exhaust bender is required for you to compete with the bend demands of the exhaust industry.

A Cheaper Exhaust Pipe Bender

When it comes to specific bend and quality requirements, a high quality exhaust pipe bender makes sense.  A cheap pipe bender can only do so much with your material type, thin walls, and tight radius currently popular.  That doesn’t mean if you buy a cheap exhaust bender that it is a bad idea.  As you know, there are many small, low production models purchased by home users and small shops.  These benders can get your jobs done for simple exhaust projects.  For these jobs the bends you often do not need to be perfect nor require more strict specifications.

When your customer requires better quality bends then a quality exhaust pipe bender is the way to go.  Yes, it is an initial investment, but offers you the bending quality and features necessary for flawless, smooth bends.  What makes the difference, and why?

Quality Exhaust Pipe Bender Features

First of all, your quality exhaust pipe bender has torque and tonnage to pull your pipe around the bend die.  It does not matter if your bend is a 45 degree, 90 degree or 180 degree bend. The last thing you want is if your bender that doesn’t have enough muscle power to complete the bend. In contrast, a cheap exhaust bender can offer you a small floor hydraulic motor.  And, on certain jobs with a cheap pipe bender it may struggle to finish the bend or stall.

Furthermore, your quality bend require minimal wall thinning/flattening, no wrinkling, and maintains ovality of the pipe. A cheap exhaust bender will fall short.  A cheap  bender is not designed to keep your ovality while considering wrinkling or flattening of the pipe.  In contrast, your quality exhaust pipe bender addresses these issues by using mandrels, wiper dies, pressure dies, and clamp dies.  Along with specific design features, your quality exhaust pipe bender is designed to produce your high quality flawless, smooth bent parts.

Additionally, your quality exhaust pipe bender bends different materials like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cupronickel, and copper. Most noteworthy with your quality exhaust pipe bender is the ability to do tight radius bends along with thin wall material.  This combination of bend specifications is where your quality exhaust pipe bender shines and produces consistent results. You want this above all else for your end product.

Hines Model 300 Semi-Automatic Tube & Pipe Bender

Hines Bending Systems takes your guess work out of your search for a quality exhaust pipe bender by supplying a product line that offers a variety of capacity options.  That said, the Hines 300NC Semi-Automatic Exhaust Pipe Bender is the most popular model in the exhaust industry since 1975.  Contact Hines Bending Systems to get more details.  It is worth getting your questions answered to move forward with an exhaust pipe bender purchase and determine the best model for you.

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Exhaust Pipe Bender

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