Induction Benders Hines

Induction Benders Manufactured by Hines Bending

Induction Bender Production
Hines Bending Systems line of induction benders are designed for pipe bending of high-performance and high-strength materials and are perfect for the mechanical forming of pipe for:

  • alternative energy companies
  • mining
  • oilfield and natural gas construction, refineries and distribution
  • petrochemical plants
  • power stations
  • roadway signage
  • shipbuilding yards

Induction benders accurately bend even the heaviest of pipes and produce pipe bend sections while maintaining absolute minimal wall thinning on the exterior of the bend.

Induction Specs

Induction Bender 325 In Use325 Induction Bender
Capacity: 325 OD x .25 Wall
Induction Bender 630 In Use630 Induction Bender
Capacity: 630 OD x 30 Wall
Induction bender 720 In Use720 Induction Bender
Capacity: 720 x 35 Wall
Induction Bender 810 In Use810 Induction Bender
Capacity: 813 OD x 35 Wall
Induction Bender 1220 In Use1220 Induction Bender
Capacity: 1220 OD x 35 Wall