NC Benders Hines

NC Benders Manufactured by Hines Bending

Tube Bender 800NC in use
Hines Bending Systems manufactures nearly a dozen different models of NC benders. NC benders are perfect for producing:

  • tight radius bends
  • thin wall or heavy wall bends
  • “J” bends
  • “1 D”
  • 180 degree bends
  • truck exhaust bends
  • auto exhaust bends
  • marine exhaust bends
  • refrigeration and HVAC bends

If your production needs are modest, then you can easily fixture a NC bender and produce the same results as a CNC tube bender or CNC pipe bender. The difference is in effort and time, but the bent pipe or bent tube will have the exact results.

150 NC Bender
Capacity: 2.0” OD x .125 Wall
Tube Bender 200 NC Colorado200 NC Bender
Capacity: 3.0” OD x .125 Wall
Tube Bender 1 Degree Bend 300300 NC Bender
Capacity: 4.5” OD x .250 Wall
Tube Bender Pacific Corp using 300 NC-P300 NC-P Bender
Capacity: 3.5” OD x .500 Wall
Tube bender Tight Radius Bend using 600 NC600 NC Bender
Capacity: 6.0” OD x .250 Wall
Tube Bender 800 NC Bending Machine800 NC Bender
Capacity: 6.625” OD x .432 Wall
Tube Bender 1000 NC Bent Pipe1000 CNC Bender
Capacity: 10.75” OD x .625 Wall
Tube Bender Tight Bend Extra Large Pipe 1200 NC1200 CNC Bender
Capacity: 12.0” OD x .625 Wall