Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender
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Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender for Sale

If you are looking for a mandrel exhaust pipe bender for sale, then you must have bends that require a mandrel. Easy enough to start your search, right?  Before you do this, consider key mandrel exhaust pipe bender features to use a mandrel successfully and get consistent results.  We are going to discuss mandrels and those important features.

Shape of a Plug-type Mandrel on a Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender for Sale

A plug-type mandrel can have a blunt end, round end, or tapered end.  A plug-type mandrel on an exhaust pipe bender produces a good quality bend when the bend specifications do not require additional support.  This mandrel type does not have any attached balls and linkage. Equally, exhaust pipe bends that use a plug-type mandrel do not typically require a wiper die.  This will be discussed further.

Ball-type Mandrel on a Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender for Sale 

A mandrel pipe bender for sale is often purchased to employ a ball-type mandrel.  You bend and it will become increasingly difficult to retain the material shape through the bend process.  It will lose ovality or flatten.

Wiper Die Importance on a Pipe Bender for Sale

The material supported by a mandrel under compression on a mandrel bender will form wrinkles.  Tight radius, thin wall material will prove this.  Ultimately, it is the reason a ball mandrel and wiper die work together on a mandrel bender for sale.  The ball mandrel supports the inside of the material through a bend.  As a result, the balls stop the material from collapsing after it leaves the mandrel shank area.  Then the wiper die is used to prevent wrinkles.

Mandrel Extractor on a Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender for Sale

On the condition that you bend with a mandrel, a mandrel extractor is a key feature on a mandrel bender for sale.  The mandrel extractor retracts and advances the mandrel on a mandrel rod.  This feature prevents the tube from forming around and gripping the mandrel balls. A mandrel extractor on a mandrel bender also helps minimize wall thinning and preserves ovality of the material.

As long as these basic features are in place on your exhaust pipe bender you are on the way to a good purchase. There are more standard features such as a mandrel lubricator and pressure die boost that are critical.  Call or email Hines Bending Systems today and ask about a mandrel exhaust pipe bender for sale now.  We will help you every step of the way.  From installation to your mandrel exhaust pipe bender training to continued support for the life of your mandrel exhaust pipe bender.

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