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The Basics Of An Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

Are you considering an automatic pipe bending machine for your business but do not know where to start? Pipe bending machines are automation machines designed to bend and shape metal. They are essential in creating everyday objects including musical instruments, plumbing pipes, and more. 

There is a wide range of tube bending that requires much more than simply taking a piece of metal and bending it. In some cases, heat and cold processes are used. Additionally, bending machines can perform press bending, rotary draw bending, and three-roll push-bending. Continue reading to learn more about pipe bending machines and what they have to offer. 

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CNC Pipe Bending Machines

CNC machines or automatic bending machines are automated machines that can bend tubing into a variety of desired shapes. The CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled which means that these machines are fully programmable. They use precise measurements to bend and cut metal tubing. 

An automatic pipe bending machine can also perform tube bending in different directions. A tube is bent around what is called a die. The die is responsible for controlling the angle of the bend. During the process, the die remains stationary as the tube or pipe is loaded into the machine. Loading the pipe or tube can be done manually or automatically before it is bent around the die. 

Types Of Pipe Bending 

There are a number of different pipe bending operations that pipe bending machines can perform. One kind of pipe bending is known as compression bending. In this type of bend, a pipe is bent into an extremely tight radius. Mandrel tools are used to achieve this level of precision.

Draw bending is used when pipes have very thin walls. It provides the maximum control when it comes to wall thinning. The hardest type of bending is considered aluminum bending. The durability of aluminum can make bending the material a challenge. Fortunately, an automatic pipe bending machine can perform aluminum bending. 

What To Consider Before Investing

There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing an automatic pipe bending machine beyond cost. The cost of most tube and pipe bending machines will vary depending on the available features, performance, manufacturer, and overall capacity. The cost will also increase the bigger the machine. 

A major factor to consider is the output capacity of the steel pipe bender. The output capacity is measured in parts per hour produced. It is important to remember however that the tube size, shape, and proficiency of the operator will influence the parts per hour produced. Although there are a number of other factors to consider, it is recommended that you speak with a bending machine manufacturer directly. 

If you would like to speak with one of the top bending machine manufacturers in the industry directly, please contact Hines Bending Systems today for assistance. Our expert team will be happy to assist you in finding the best pipe bending machine for your needs. 

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Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

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