A Totally Certified Tube Inspection Solution
The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution is the only certified portable tube inspection solution on the market. The ROMER Absolute Arm and its Tube Probes are calibrated and certified together as complete system. This ensures accuracy and gives you total confidence in your measurements.

Reverse Engineering
The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution is the fastest portable measurement system on the market today. Just ‘swipe’ the Tube Probe over your tube, and export your model to iges, step or SupraVision (SV) formats. It’s as easy as that. There is no need for complex laser scanning or point cloud management.

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If you need to capture critical certification data, to improve the quality your bent tubes and pipes or just want to be able to make instantaneous improvements in the bending process, then the ROMER Tube Inspection System is a definite add-on. The ROMER inspects, measures and reverse engineers tubes and pipes of any type, for any industry.Bending customers find the ROMER’s state-of-the-art technology to be highly effective for reverse engineering, problem solving and product development. Whether a part is bent on CNC tube bender or CNC pipe bender, the ROMER captures 3D point data across a range of surfaces and sizes with precision accuracy. The ROMER is high-speed, portable and user-friendly.

The ROMER produces data that helps product developers and engineers understand bending machine performance over time and to identify potential problems. This “advanced warning system” proactively helps engineers manage potential problems with the bending machine on the floor before they become critical, to make changes “on-the-fly” and to reverse engineer the bending solution.

Tube Inspection
A tube can be checked in minutes according to a 3D CAD model or even a simple drawing. Furthermore, thanks to the ROMER Absolute Arm’s automatic probe recognition, flanges brackets and bosses can all be measured with the touch probe in the same measurement session: there is no need to run multiple applications.

Tube Production
The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution can be connected directly to multiple CNC bending machines in minutes, allowing you to check your tube production on the shop-floor in real-time. Bend a tube, measure it, compare it to your master data and send any necessary corrections back to the bender. Not only is it easy, but it also means less scrap, less downtime and money saved.