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NC Benders Hines

NC Benders Manufactured by Hines Bending

Tube Bender 800NC in use
Hines Bending Systems manufactures nearly a dozen different models of NC benders. NC benders are perfect for producing, tight radius bends, thin wall or heavy wall bends, “J” bends, “1 D”, 180 degree bends, truck exhaust bends, auto exhaust bends, marine exhaust bends, refrigeration and HVAC bends.

If your production needs are modest, then you can easily fixture a NC bender and produce the same results as a CNC tube bender or CNC pipe bender. The difference is in effort and time, but the bent pipe or bent tube will have the exact results.

150 NC Bender
Capacity: 1.50″ OD x .125 Wall
Tube Bender 200 NC Colorado200 NC Bender
Capacity: 3″ OD x .125 Wall
Tube Bender 1 Degree Bend 300300 NC Bender
Capacity: 4″ OD x .226 Wall
Tube Bender Pacific Corp using 300 NC-P300 NC-P Bender
Capacity: 3.5” OD x .500 Wall
Tube bender Tight Radius Bend using 600 NC600 NC Bender
Capacity: 6″ OD x .200 Wall
Tube Bender 1000 NC Bent Pipe800 NC Bender
Capacity: 6.625″ OD x .550 Wall
1000 NC Bender Pro1000 NC Bender
Capacity: 10.75” OD x .625 Wall
Tube Bender Tight Bend Extra Large Pipe 1200 NC1200 NC Bender
Capacity: 6.625″ OD x .550 Wall