Increase Production and Increase Quality
The BendPro G2 CNC Control determines optimized move sequences and generates a list of Run Commands before any bending is done. The control will detect and communicate any possible run time or interference problems before any material is wasted. A high performance Servo System is used to ensure accurate machine movements and excellent repeatability. The BendPro G2 CNC Control can interface to measuring machines to automatically close the loop on the inspection and correction process.

An Industrial, Flat Panel PC serves as the operator interface and the control computer. This high level of integration reduces component count, cables, and connectors while increasing reliability. A touch screen with tempered glass eliminates the need for a keyboard and allows for reliable and easy operation. Only the highest quality components are used and are readily available from several sources world wide. No proprietary hardware is used.

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    Extremely Compact
    The BendPro G2 CNC Control is housed in a compact aluminum enclosure. The control is networked (Ethernet) to a compact I/O system which consumes very little space in the CNC tube benders electrical cabinet.

    Highest Functionality of any Control
    The BendPro G2 CNC Control is currently being used by end users, OEM machine builders and re-builders on a wide variety of machines, world wide. The list of supported functions continuously grows.

    Avoidance Moves
    The BendPro G2 CNC Control has the most advanced and useful options for programming avoidance moves of any control on the market. The Teach Mode is the most commonly used option because it is extremely intuitive and versatile. With Teach Mode, the operator uses the Joy Stick to jog each axis to the target position. Each move or combination of moves is recorded, this allows the control to play the moves back in exactly the desired sequence. Teach Mode is used for programming Avoidance Moves and for optimizing bending sequences to increase production. Teach Mode works in CNC mode (Live on the bender) or in SIM mode (3D simulation mode).




    3D Simulation
    Simulation allows for fast and easy development of the bending sequence to avoid tube to machine collisions. With this powerful feature, the most efficient (Fastest) bend cycles can be created.

    Easy to Operate
    Based on the Windows XP operating system, the BendPro G2 CNC Control software was written with ease of use in mind. A graphical representation of the bender and it’s functions are displayed on a high resolution, bright LCD. The first screen displayed is called the Master Menu. From the Master Menu, the operator can operate the bender and access all other control screens.

    The BendPro G2 CNC Control has extensive diagnostics tools that can be used for real time trouble shooting of all machine devices including I/O Racks, operator switches, and servo devices.

    Powerful Parts Manager
    The BendPro G2 CNC Control can automatically backup all part files and machine parameters to a local or network drive. Part files can be imported from other controls, office PCs, and measuring machines.

    Additional Features

    • Unlimited Part Number storage
    • Program parts while bending
    • Multi-part sequencing
    • Ability to resume after E-Stop (Part not scrapped)
    • Open and Closed collet bending supported
    • Recapture tube in zone with Teach
    • Programmable unload sequences with Teach
    • Profiling of Pressures and PDA Speeds
    • Feedrate overide (0-100% of programmed speeds)
    • Electronic Gearing of Bend Arm, Carriage, and PDA
    • Calculates Springback and Elongation
    • Support for multiple users with various access rights
    • Push Bending option
    • Robotic loaders/unloaders supported
    • Tube cutoff devices supported as an option
    • International language support as an option
    • Measuring Machine interface options
    • BendPro G2 CNC Control software options available for
      offline programming and simulation on office PC