Tube and Pipe Bender Accessories
  • Tube and Pipe Bender Accessories


A Totally Certified Tube Inspection Solution
The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution is the only certified portable tube inspection solution on the market. The ROMER Absolute Arm and its Tube Probes are calibrated and certified together as complete system. This ensures accuracy and gives you total confidence in your measurements.

Reverse Engineering
The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution is the fastest portable measurement system on the market today. Just ‘swipe’ the Tube Probe over your tube, and export your model to iges, step or SupraVision (SV) formats. It’s as easy as that. There is no need for complex laser scanning or point cloud management.


Increase Production and Increase Quality
The BendPro G2 CNC Control determines optimized move sequences and generates a list of Run Commands before any bending is done. The control will detect and communicate any possible run time or interference problems before any material is wasted. A high performance Servo System is used to ensure accurate machine movements and excellent repeatability. The BendPro G2 CNC Control can interface to measuring machines to automatically close the loop on the inspection and correction process.

An Industrial, Flat Panel PC serves as the operator interface and the control computer. This high level of integration reduces component count, cables, and connectors while increasing reliability. A touch screen with tempered glass eliminates the need for a keyboard and allows for reliable and easy operation. Only the highest quality components are used and are readily available from several sources world wide. No proprietary hardware is used.

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