Tube + Pipe Benders – Best Benders + Most Installs

Hines Bending Systems has been in business since 1975. We have installed 1,000’s of Tube and Pipe Benders throughout the world producing parts for literally hundreds of industries.

Many of our customers have several bending machines … a CNC tube bender (e.g., a 300 CNC Bender) … to that they may add a 600 NC Bender for larger OD pipe. More and more large manufacturing companies are using heat induction benders. With induction benders, quality is assured with minimal wall thinning.

We manufacture affordable and durable tube and pipe benders. Our repeat customers tell us they are satisfied with their tube and pipe benders’ continuous performance, its low maintenance and our ongoing support of their efforts. Customer service and satisfaction is very important to us.

Here is what we know to be true:

  • Hines Bending has the best tube and pipe benders by performance and reputation;
  • Hines Bending has the most tube and pipe bending installations worldwide;
  • Hines Bending has, without a doubt, the most experience and expertise in the bending industry; AND,
  • Hines Bending has, without exception, the best and most affordable pricing for tube, pipe and induction benders.