Used 200CNC BendPro Coil Bender For Sale

Technical Specifications (Table 1) (200CNC- BENDPRO CONTROL COIL BENDER)

Max tube sizes to push 2” OD x 0.25” wall
Min tube size to push 20 mm OD
Min coil radius ≥5D
Max take-off angle 100°
Max tube size to hitch feed 2” OD
Carriage stroke (max) 3500mm
Y, B & C axis drive Servo motor
Industrial computer Advantech (320G hard disc, 2G memory E5300CPU)

Y Axis (DBB) 16 m/min
B Axis (POB) 23 rpm
C axis (DOB) 11.7 rpm

Repeatability Accuracy
C axis (bend arm) ±0.05°
Y Axis (DBB) ±0.1mm
B Axis (POB) ±0.05°

Coil diameter tolerance
OD≤1.5″ ±1/16″
OD>1.5″ ±1/8″

Take off angle tolerance
Total installed power 28 KW
Hydraulic system pressure 14 MPa, adjustable
Oil reservoir volume 450L
Overall measurements 5700mm L x 1600mm W x 1500mm H
Machine weight 3000 KG