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What to Know About Buying a Metal Tube Bender For Sale

Interested in investing in a metal tube bender? Industrial pipe bending machines are integral to numerous industries as the right pipe and tube bending machines can perform heavy duty tasks with ease and precision.

The applications for pipe and tube bends are numerous and can be found in everything from cars to houses and other large structures. Pipe and tube benders are required to bend the pipes at different angles.

Depending on the type of bending applications, it’s important to know how to choose the best tube bender available. There are pipe and tube benders that are used to bend small units of metal as well as bending machines that are used to bend larger pipes.

Understanding the Different Types of Tube Benders

There are different types of pipe and tube benders available, such as automatic CNC tube & pipe bending machines or semi-automatic benders with hydraulic systems. When shopping for a metal tube bender, it will be important to consider all the different options available.

Buyers will also need to consider whether the material being used can be safely bent with the same quality and precision. There are different grades of steel that can be bent whereas there are different types of aluminum that cannot be bent safely without causing damage to the material.

Knowing the bending capacity, limitations, and power capacity will be all be important to understand. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to seek out help from pipe and tube bending machine manufacturers like Hines Bending Systems.

Pipe and Tube Bending Techniques

1.Rotary Draw Bending

Rotary draw bending is one of the most popular pipe bending techniques. The pipe is drawn through a stationary counter with a former die that has a fixed radius wrapped by the bending die. 

Rotary draw bending is more commonly used in items like handrails, conduit bending, ornamental metal works, car chassis, frame bends, roll cages, and more. The most important factors to keep in mind involve maintenance to keep the diameter consistent with a smooth, clean finish. 

2. Ram Style Bending

Ram style bending is one of the cheapest and simplest techniques for aluminum pipe bending. The material is subject to restraint on two external points and is bent by a ram that advances along a central axis.

The distortion can be either inward or outward with a result of an oval section formation and is dependent on the material thickness. Ram style bending technique is most commonly related to things like electrical conduits and light-gauge bends.

3. Ring Roll Bending

Ring roll bending is used to bend pipes with a larger circumference, hence a greater center line radius. The roller used in this process consists of three rolls that are mounted on separate shafts which are made to roll on the material. 

The roller on top exerts pressure downward on the roll in order to bend the section. These tube benders will generally come with 2 or 3 roll machines that are adjusted by either hydraulic or manual means. 

The ring roll bending technique is usually used for manufacturing drum rolls, grill frames, awnings, and other similar items that have large center-line radii.

4. Mandrel Bending

Mandrel bending is used in situations where the pipe that is being bent needs to be subject to minimal deformation. The material is internally supported with a mandrel that is flexible and capable of bending with the section, avoiding any interior deformation. 

The pipe is bent around a former die of a fixed radius. Mandrel bending is most commonly used when consistent quality is of the utmost importance, such as in the manufacturing of exhaust pipes, auto parts, process tubing, heat-exchanger tubing, and other bends that require minimal deformation.

Finding a Metal Tube Bender

Perhaps the most important aspect of finding a metal tube bender will be to fully understand your bending requirements. It’s also important to understand the abilities and performance of the metal tube bender over time.

Consulting with pipe and tube bending manufacturers ensures buyers that their questions can be answered by knowledgeable technicians with a full understanding of all bending equipment available.

Also, when considering a metal tube bender, be sure to invest in a high-quality bending machine so that you do not put yourself at a disadvantage due to the technology that the bender is built on. Some pipe and tube bending machines work with a set of accessories and you will have to invest in them too.

The easiest method for ensuring you get the most from your investment is to speak with pipe and tube bending machine manufacturers who have a diverse collection of different pipe and tube benders for sale. To learn more about your options or to discuss the different bending machines we have available, please contact Hines Bending Systems for direct assistance