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Different Types of Tube & Pipe Benders & Systems

A metal pipe bender is an important machine that provides pipe bends for a vast number of everyday objects, machines, and more. Tube and pipe bending is essential for things like musical instruments, playground equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, and so much more.

Tube and pipe benders are quietly responsible for creating so many of the tools, machines, and products that we enjoy. Purchasing a metal pipe bender for sale can also provide a number of benefits for workshops looking to expand their capabilities.

There are many different kinds of pipes made of varying thickness of metal. In order to effectively bend them, different pipe bending machines are required.

Below are some of the different types of metal that pipe bending machines work with and how benders operate. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more, visit Hines Bending Systems for more information. 

Steel Metal Pipe Bender

A metal pipe bender that handles steel pipe bends must be able to support the interior of the steel tubing. A mandrel is used to achieve this. The steel tubing is placed on the metal pipe bender and then the tubing is bent to the user’s specifications.

By supporting the interior of the steel pipe, the mandrel bender ensures that there is no wrinkling or breaking during the bending process. Generally, steel pipe bends of this kind are done for high performance or custom automobile and motorcycle products. 

Soft Pipe Bending

In some cases, soft metal tubing must be bent. One example of soft tubing is copper pipes. A special metal pipe bender is used to properly bend these tubes in a way that ensures it will not break or crinkle.

There are three specialized tools that can be used to bend the copper pipe without the use of connectors to the shape that is required. These tools allow users to bend the tube or pipe up to ninety degrees. 

This is done by placing the copper tubing into the metal bender where it is locked into place with clamps and two dies. When mechanical force is applied, the copper pipe is pushed against the die.

The force of this causes the metal piping to conform to the shape defined by the guide. The ends are rotated and rolled around the die. 

Hydraulic Tube Bender

There are two types of hydraulic pipe benders available on the market:

  • Vertical: The vertical unit is a single, standalone unit that is kept supported by a heavy metal stand.
  • Horizontal: he horizontal unit is much more portable and mobile.  The unit can be used on the ground or a large, flat surface like a table.

Both can be powered using either a hydraulic hand pump or an electric motor pump assembly that is controlled with a double acting lever. 

Replicating the Same Type Of Tube Bends

In some cases, users will need to replicate a certain type of metal tubing repeatedly. A CNC pipe bending machine can be programmed to produce the same result over and over again with a high level of precision and uniformity.

Computer software is downloaded and programmed into a computer that is built into the tube and pipe bender. A CNC bending machine is designed to require minimal intervention on the part of their users.