Mandrel Bender for Sale
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Mandrel Bender For Sale

Mandrel bender for sale

It is important that you meet your needs when purchasing a mandrel bender for sale.  Generally, you need to be certain capacity covers your outside diameters, radii, wall thickness, degree of bend, and production level.  Your mandrel bender is an investment with many years of use ahead.  For you to make the best choice from the start is key for a successful purchase.

Features of a Quality Mandrel Bender for Sale

Your tools for bending are key to a perfect bend.  Most tool sets include five important pieces that work together. A bend die, clamp die, pressure die, wiper die and mandrel.  For you to use these tools make sure the mandrel bender for sale includes a bend die mount, a drop away clamp die holder, pressure die holder, and wiper die holder.  Additionally, your mandrel bender for sale needs to include a mandrel extractor.  A few of these features are discussed further below.  Your decision should consider the following.

Plug-type Mandrel on a Mandrel Bender for Sale

When you are bending some jobs it only requires a mandrel plug.  Note that this mandrel type does not have any attached balls and linkage.  Plug-type mandrel can have a blunt end, round end, or tapered end.  It is often referred to as a mandrel shank. A mandrel is held in a fixed position while the tube is pulled over it.  Tube stretching is located on the outer radius of the bend. The mandrel then takes the force and supports the inner radius of the bend while firmly set into the bend die groove area. The plug-type mandrel on a mandrel bender produces a good quality bend when the bend specifications do not require additional support.

Ball-type Mandrel on a Mandrel Bender for Sale

See the mandrel diagram.  Unquestionably, your reason to seek a mandrel bender for sale is to employ a ball-type mandrel. You bend and it will become increasingly difficult to retain the material shape through the bend process .  It will lose ovality or flatten.

Wiper Die Importance on a Mandrel Bender for Sale

The material supported by a mandrel under compression on a mandrel bender will form wrinkles.  Tight radius, thin wall material will prove this.  Ultimately, it is the reason a ball mandrel and wiper die work together on a mandrel bender for sale.  The ball mandrel supports the inside of the material through a bend.  As a result, the balls stop the material from collapsing after it leaves the mandrel shank area.  Then the wiper die is used to prevent wrinkles.

Mandrel Extractor on a Mandrel Bender for Sale

On the condition that you bend with a mandrel, a mandrel extractor is a key feature on a mandrel bender for sale.  The mandrel extractor retracts and advances the mandrel on a mandrel rod.  This feature prevents the tube from forming around and gripping the mandrel balls. A mandrel extractor on a mandrel bender also helps minimize wall thinning and preserves ovality of the material.


As long as these basic features are in place on your mandrel bender for sale you are on the way to a good purchase. There are more standard features such as a mandrel lubricator and pressure die boost that are critical.  Call or email Hines Bending Systems today and ask about a mandrel bender for sale we have available now.   We will help you every step of the way.  From installation to your mandrel bender training to continued support for the life of your mandrel bender.

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