Mandrel Pipe Bender Company
Mandrel Pipe Bender Company, Mandrel Bending Machine Sale

Mandrel Pipe Bender Company

Interested in investing in a mandrel pipe bender for sale? Tube and pipe benders provide their users with various benefits that extend into the various bending applications they’re used for. If you are looking for the best Mandrel Pipe Bender Company to buy a pipe bender look no further than Hines Bending!

CNC mandrel bending is a highly complex pipe bending process that allows for the creation of a wide range of bends, even bends with extremely tight radiuses, without any pipe deformation occurring and without the appearance of wrinkles. Here’s what you need to know.

How Do Mandrel Benders Work?

Generally, this involves the insertion of a steel rod or other support into the tube while it is being bent to provide additional support. This support reduces the likelihood of the pipe breaking or of wrinkles appearing.

There are different types of mandrels that can be used to provide support, such as:

  • A plug mandrel, which is generally a solid rod used on regular bends;
  • A form mandrel, which is also a solid rod but has a curved end and is typically used where additional support is required;
  • An unlinked ball mandrel is basically a set of steel ball bearings that are inserted into the tube. The balls are independent of each other and are most often used in high precision bends;
  • A ball mandrel with cable is simply a set of steel ball bearings connected via a cable;

Generally, for high precision work, where the bend is critical, it is recommended that ball mandrels are used. Otherwise, plug mandrels can get the job done just fine.

Why Buy a CNC Mandrel Pipe Bender For Sale?

Tube bending is already a process that requires great precision to deliver quality, accurate bends. Generally, it’s recommended to invest in a mandrel pipe bender for sale when the bend is critical, such as exhaust pipes where the interior diameter of the pipe needs to remain constant to provide the best possible evacuation of gases from the vehicle.

Therefore, it is essential for the process to be completed to the highest standard. While manual mandrel bending is certainly possible, there is no way it can deliver the same degree of accuracy.

It also is a problem when you need to mass produce a huge batch of components that need to be identical, down to the last micron. A CNC mandrel bending machine automates practically the entire process, ensuring quality, consistent results that way you can always be certain you are getting the exact same angle every time.

The Advantages of Mandrels Bending

Of course, the main advantage of purchasing a mandrel pipe bender for sale is the ability to create tight bends without the material suffering any structural damage, deformities or wrinkles. By using this process, quality results can be obtained every time and this type of pipe bending is much faster than standard bending.

Mandrel bending is used on pipes for a variety of different applications, including playground equipment, hand railings, hydraulics, medical products, safety railings and many more. Essentially, in whatever application you require precise bends and deformity is a concern, a mandrel bender is your best option.

You will likely want help from tube and pipe bending machine manufacturers in order to ensure you are getting the best bender for your applications. They can help you to determine the best choice in CNC bending machines from the collection they offer.

Mandrel bending is an essential process in many applications. Not only does it guarantee accurate bends with no deformity or wrinkles, but it is also faster and will help you save money in the long run as the likelihood of any of the finished products not meeting your standards is very low. For more information on CNC mandrel pipe and tube bending, please contact Hines Bending Systems for assistance.

Mandrel Pipe Bender Company

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