Wachs Services Installs a Pair of CNC Benders

CNC benders will produce very large, heavy wall stainless bent pipe for use in the nuclear energy

FORT MYERS, Fla. – June 4, 2016 – Hines Bending Systems Inc., today announced it had completed the installation of both a 200 CNC Bender and a 1000 CNC Bender at Wach Services in Belmont, North Carolina.

Hines Bending Systems CEO James Hynes said, “Wachs Services specifications for their nuclear energy customers dictated that the cnc benders meet very tight bending tolerances for heavy wall stainless steel pipe. To ensure maximum performance, reliability and functionality, both the 200 CNC Bender and the 1000 CNC bender had a BendPro G2 CNC control as part of the machining package.

Wachs Services new 120,000 square foot fabrication facility provided the backdrop for Hines Bending Systems signature installation of a lowered bending machine platform. By lowering the CNC bender 12 inches, Wachs Services will improve its utilization of its facility with easy access, and will double production capability.

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