Mandrel Tube Bender Near Me
Mandrel Tube Bender Near Me

Mandrel Tube Bender Near Me

It is important to research the different pipe and tube benders before you buy a mandrel tube bender near me. When properly selected, a mandrel benter can provide many benefits. This article will outline some of the things you need to consider when buying a used or new mandrel tube bender. Hines Bending Systems is here to help you.

Calculate Your Tube Bending Requirements

You are looking to buy a mandrel tube benter for sale if you have pipe or tube bending requirements that require a mandrel. To fully understand your bending requirements, you will need to measure them. It is important to ensure that the mandrel-bending machine can cover your outside diameter (OD), radius, wall thickness, degree bend, and overall production level.

Mandrel Tube Bender Features for Sale

The features that the machine comes with are key to distinguishing quality mandrel-bending machines from cheaper models. The five main components of a mandrel bending machine should be included: clamp die, bend die pressure die, wiper, and die. These components will ensure that you produce high-quality bends every time.

Plug-Type Mandrel Option

For some bends, you will only need a mandrel shank or mandrel plug. The plug-type mandrel more bent will not include the linkage attachments and balls. The end of the mandrel can be either tapered, blunt, or round. While tubing is being pulled onto the mandrel, it remains in its original position. Tube stretching takes place on the outer radius. For bends that require only a small amount of support, the mandrel is recommended.

Ball-Type Mandrel Option

A ball-type mandrel is the best choice if you’re looking for a mandrel tube bender. This is essential as the tubing material may lose its shape, or become more difficult to bend, such as loss of validity or flattening.

Mandrel Extractor Option

A mandrel extraction is an important tool to have on the mandrel bender for sale you are looking at. The extractor protects the tube material’s ovality and provides additional protection against wall thinning.

A Mandrel Tube Bender For Sale

Talking directly to tube and pipe bending machine manufacturers is the best way to locate the right mandrel-bending machine. Hines Bending Systems assists clients in finding the right pipe and tube benders for their production and bending needs. We have a complete range of bending equipment available for sale. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please contact us!

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