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Induction Bending Company

Induction Bending Company

Heat induction bend is an automated method of hot bending that uses an induction heating coil to bend the material. Induction bending coil forms a narrow, circular, heated band around the material to be bent. A clamp holds it in place on a pivoting arm until the desired radius. Once the temperature has been reached, the heated tube/pipe material can be bent by being pushed through the induction bend coil at the same speed and temperature. The material is then passed through the induction bend coil. After that, the bent tube/pipe can be cooled with forced air, or water, or left to cool naturally at ambient temperature. For any questions regarding the best Induction Bending company feel free to give Hines Bending a call at 239-433-2132.

Induction bending has a distinct advantage over cold bending. Induction bending has a larger outside diameter and thicker wall material. This allows for the preservation of ovality and wall thinning which is essential for many industries such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Power Plants.

Heat induction bending offers flexibility beyond the excellent bending quality due to ovality and wall thinning. It also allows for variable radiuses from small to large, even with tight bending requirements like a 1.5D radius. This is a simple operation that can be done with hot bending, the right Induction Bender, and minimal operator effort.

Companies that offer heat induction bending in the house immediately see the time savings over the welding. Hot induction bending is also highly praised for its quality. This is because it reduces welding and creates better parts overall. It also cuts down on inspection costs.

Induction bending is a great way to form pipes and tubes for many industries and applications, as shown below:

  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear or thermal power plants
  • Mining
  • Agro-food
  • Paper
  • Oil and Gas (onshore, offshore pipelines)
  • Highway billboards
  • Construction of structures
  • Solar companies
  • Shipbuilding

A flexible approach to Induction Bending is essential when purchasing your Induction Bender. This will result in dramatic increases in plant utilization and overall production. Consider whether the consultation addresses all your questions about bending and machinery, as well as offers new or improved solutions for your hot bending needs.

Each job is unique and each facility has its own requirements. The communication process must be tailored to meet these needs. Hines Bending Systems has two installation options.

Hot induction bending machines require space. It is important to choose the right options for your foundation and daily operations. It is also a good idea to partner with an industry expert who will ask you the right questions as you move forward with your purchase.

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Induction Bending Company

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