Hines Bending Announces Close-Out and New 2017 Pricing

November 22, 2016

18-28% Savings on Tube and Pipe CNC and NC Bending Machines for Current and First-Time Buyers

FORT MYERS, Fla. – November 22, 2016 – Hines Bending Systems Inc., today announced several savings initiatives and offers to clear 2016 inventory to make room for the arrival of 2017 CNC and NC Mandrel Bending Machines.

Hines Bending Systems CEO James Hynes said, “Hines Bending CNC and NC Mandrel Bending machines for tube and pipe bending have always been remarkably affordable. We are excited to pass on significant savings on to our customers as we consolidate our West Coast operations and expand our Florida facility.”

“Across the board, we’re unveiling an 18-28% price savings initiative on all CNC and NC tube and pipe bending machines,” Hynes said. “With a new year on the horizon, we expect manufacturing in the U.S. to expand significantly, and we’re prepared to help drive that growth,” he said.

“Secondly, customers who opt to trade-in their current mandrel bending machine against a new purchase will receive an additional rebate of $1,000 rebate in addition to a negotiated value of the machine,” said Hynes. “Customers can choose to use the rebate against the purchase of a new bending machine or they can use the $1,000 rebate against tooling.”

The third tier of the savings initiative is focused on first-time customers to Hines Bending. “Hines Bending is the choice of more than 500 brand manufacturers,” Hynes said. “In addition to the 18-28% savings on tube and pipe bending machines, for first-time customers, Hines Bending will take an additional 10% off tooling,” he said.

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