Hines Bending Brings New Innovation to its Dual Stack CNC Push Bender and Roll Bender Product Lines

February 1, 2017

New cnc bender functionality addresses growing demand in the automotive exhaust industries

FORT MYERS, Fla. – February 1, 2017 – Hines Bending Systems Inc., today announced it had completed improvements to its Dual Stack CNC Push Bender and its Roll Bender product lines. Both cnc benders are available for immediate purchase.

Hines Bending Systems CEO James Hynes said, “Tube bender innovation is critically important in the automotive industries as companies seek to meet demanding requirements from automakers and aftermarket firms. In particular, new features and functionality in our Dual Stack CNC Push Bender models satisfy a growing demand to produce multiple bends and reverse bends accurately, rapidly and in large volumes.”

Dual Stack CNC Push Benders
With precision control, a part can be bent into a large arc radius or a coil in a required tight radius bend using a mandrel and automatic mandrel lubrication. Push benders allow for continuous production and quality bends in a variety of industries and job applications from automotive and furniture to refrigeration and specialized fabrication facilities.

Push Bender features Include: an air cooling system, servo motors and drives, Beckhoff Components together with Microsoft PC integration and mandrel rods. Available upgrades include: a safety Mat, Romer Absolute Arm and specialized BendPro G2 CNC Control software options

Roll Benders
Hines Roll Benders are typically used for producing large radius bending. The material is passed through three rollers, one top forming roller and two bottom rolls. The powered rotation for the forward and reverse movement creates the large sweeping radius bends. Hines Roll Benders can be run vertically or horizontally to give the material more support. The digital readout allows for precise repeatable results. These roll benders can accommodate round, square, rectangle, oval, plates and profiled materials.

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